FiringSquad has a nice video card review for anyone who cannot decide on whether they want to go with two GeForce 8800GTS’s running in SLI or a single 8800GTX.

At my preferred resolution of 1920×1200 their benchmarks show the following FPS:

Ghetto SLICall of Duty 2 GTX:56 2xGTS: 67.2

Half Life 2 Lost CoastGTX: 88.8 2xGTS: 110.

Company of Heroes GTX:83.9 2xGTS: 117.6

Quake 4 GTX: 84.5 2xGTS: 113.6

Visit the site to see the rest. But what you can see above is a clear improvement when choosing to go the SLI GTS route versus the lone GTX. This is not a end all on the topic though, its only one angle. There are many other factors to consider such as SLI incompatibility’s, Price, number of DVI interfaces, plus more.

In my opinion you should always go for more video cards because you get more DVI interfaces, but I guess writing for does not make me impartial.


2 Responses to “GTS+SLI vs. GTX in FPS battle.”

  1. D&D on June 25th, 2007 4:58 pm

    It would make sense that 2 GTS cards would be better than just a single GTX. However, depending on where you shop and what manufacturer you get your cards from, two GTS cards are going to cost you more than a single GTX.

    Personally, I would go with a single GTX to start. Then, once I get enough extra cash, get a second GTX. A single GTX is going to (usually) have 2 outs, possibly 3 if it has a S-Video out and you use it.

    For multi-monitor output, if you want to expand to more than just the two DVIs that you’ll get on a GTX, I would grab a TripleHead2Go and connect it to one of the DVI outs.

    Thinking on that further, I wonder if two (or more) TripleHead2Go boxes would work together, when plugged into a single card’s DVI outs.

  2. Grizz on June 26th, 2007 9:38 am

    I doubt you can daisy-chain them, due to driver limitations.

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