HIPerSpaceEngineers at UC San Diego have constructed the highest-resolution computer display in the world – with a screen resolution up to 220 million pixels.” …for research including Earth sciences, climate prediction, biomedical engineering, genomics, brain imaging, and a little bragging rights for attracting bright freshmen.


It consist of 55 (11×5) Dell 30 LCDs, powered by 15 Dell XPS 720 machines with 2.6 GHz Core 2 Quad, 4 GB RAM, and 2 Quadro FX 5600 video cards (each with 1.5 GB video ram). All running on Rocks Linux ( http://www.rocksclusters.org ). It’s a special distribution of Linux developed by the San Diego Supercomputing Center for cluster computing.

There are plans to extend the wall to 75 monitors.


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