Curved display

To sum it up it looks to be a multiple DLP display enclosed in a case. But it gets the job done, and so far looks to be the closest anyone has come to a consumer Multi-Projector display.

To see more shots, head on over to Engadget.


One Response to “Alienware’s Curved Display at CES”

  1. D&D on March 15th, 2008 12:12 pm

    Just imagine having three of these! Would probably have to use the TripleHead2Go to pull it off, but having stuff you can see when you look left or right would be absolutely amazing.

    Of course, you’d need to be able to change the FOV to the right value, otherwise the image will REALLY distort.

    Here’s a URL for a FOV formula that seems to work perfectly:
    I’ve used it with Quake 3: Arena, and there’s no weird stretching of the 3d objects at the edges of the screen.

    (Oh, and I’ll be coming back soon to the world of blogging. I know I’ve been AWOL for 4 months now. >.>)

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