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Kegen “kegetys” kotisivu has just published the latest installment of SoftTH, that monitor spanning DX9 hack we all know and love.

* 1.07beta
– Autodetection for various settings such as secondary
resolution, device ID, etc. (default)
– Support for D3D9 swap chains (for Call of Duty 2,
Company of Heroes…)
– Persistent win32api hooks for more reliable hooking
– Uses debug access to write memory if regular access
fails (requires admin/debug privileges from user)
– Some default settings adjusted for better compatibility
– Improved device release detection & handling
– Mouse compatibility fixes
– Config file settings separated for OpenGL & Direct3D
– Global config file support in user home directory
– Autosquash option for automatic squashing when no 3D
elements drawn
– Forced multihead use (useMultihead=2) for games that
do not immediately initialize the device with the
triplehead resolution (Such as Test Drive Unlimited)
– Misc fixes & improvements

Thank you kegety’s, I cant wait to give CoD a shot!

You can download the application and find support here.


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