While out in San Jose for my main job (aka the job that makes money) I found out that I was merely 4 miles away from a long lost New England college buddy who was attending the NVIDIA’s NVISION Conference and GeForce LAN.  So I quickly skipped out for a couple hours so this New Hampshire boy could attend his first real computer conference, and possibly try to make a couple contacts in what little time he could spare.


NVISION’s slogan was “The World of Visual Computing”  but could be just as easily titled “All the cool stuff of NVIDIA partners”, because ATI and Matrox was nowhere to be seen.  But don’t get me wrong,it is a top notch event, and I plan on paying my way to attend next year so I can experience everything.

HIPerSpace HIPerWall is the first thing you see entering the convention center.

The event truly covered all corners of visual computing, from hardware vendors, cutting edge technologies, famous speakers, to the largest LAN party I have set eyes on.  Any geek will find lots to love here.

GeForce LANGeForce LAN. “The Guinness World Record for the longest continuous LAN party with over 100 participants was set today at NVISION 08. 203 hardcore gamers kept going for 36 straight hours!” – NVISION Highlights

“k|ngp|n” k|ngp|n attempting to break world records right on the showroom floor at the EVGA booth.

Wallace Santos checking out the friendly compitetionWallace Santos, President & CEO of MAINGEAR, checking out the friendly competition over at the SIM Factory booth.

TF2 Case Mod’sProjecr RogueI met with some of the best case modders in the world including fellow [H]ardForum member craigbru who completed Project: Rogue (on right) which was featured on the HardOCP.com homepage.

Later this week when I return from my trip you can expect full writups from the booths that were MultiMonitor related.


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