I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and here it goes. I was wrong.  When NVIDIA aquired Ageia and their PhysX last Feburary I was pretty confident we were going to see NVIDIA pushing that I not only need to buy 3 of their GPU’s, but I will also need to buy a NVIDIA Physics card too!  My friends at HardOCP Forums and I argued that it was not needed and it seems NVIDIA agrees.

NVIDIA enabled PhysX with their GeForce v177.83 graphics driver, Geforce 8 and higher only, sorry.  This driver package will also install v8.08.01 PhysX System Software.  The PhysX control panel can be accessed through the Windows Start Menu under ‘NVIDIA Corporation’.  In proper celibration they released a ton of free apps, demos, and a full game through The Force Within Site.

The “free” PhysX support plus apps are a pleasant surprise in a world where companies give me the impression that they dont care who they screw to make a buck.

Available for free from this first GeForce Power Pack includes:

Warmonger PhysX

Nurien PhysX

Great Kulu

Fluid PhysX

Upcoming PC titles that incorporate PhysX technology include Cryostasis, Backbreaker, Aliens: Colonial Marines, with close to 20 more PC titles expected before the year-end holiday seasons.

The Official Press Release.


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  1. BlackPawn on August 29th, 2008 12:56 am

    Haha, EA. They’re publishing Mythic’s Warhammer MMO, one of the reasons I won’t be investing any money into that.

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