SoftTH 1.08b RC2Our Multi-Monitor Gaming savior, kegetys, has released a early preview of the latest instillation of SoftTH.  Adding more compatability, speed improvements, and better automatic support for varying aspect ratios across your side monitor (Yay!) this is sounding like it could be his best release to date!

Here’s the changelog:

* 1.08beta (rc2)
– Fixed performance with RGB16D mode
– Fixed possible crash with D3D9 GetDepthStencilSurface
– Window rect scaling
– Various minor compatibility fixes

* 1.08beta (rc1)
– Improved Autosquash detection
– Removed cylindrical correction setting
– Added lens correction postprocessing effect
– Depthstencil created by SoftTH now uses discard flag
if application originally requested it
– Pixel shader dithering in RGB16 mode for cards that
do not support dithering (ie. GeForce 80000 series)
– Reduced video memory use and improved compatibility
for antialiasing
– Changed to global mouse hook for better compatiblity
– Automatic screenmode & sideExtraWidth detection
– New faster, simplier, multithread safe win32 api hooks

You can grab it here.


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