Update: Thanks to Dragon’s tip we are currently undergoing testing of Nvidia’s newest driver.

The short answer is you can’t.  But for a dedicated enthusiast it is possible…

When you enable SLI it disables all but one video port (on the SLI bridged cards).  This is fact.  But there is a way around this limitation by having a 3rd card not running in SLI.

For more SLI FAQ’s check out this great writup at the EVGA forums.

i thought there was some way to run dual moniters on sli?

Reply from Stealthe:
The only way people have got this to work is by using a third card such as running 8800GTX SLI with a 7300 for the second monitor.Some people say to use an ATI card but unfortunately wont work becuase there can only be one video card driver loaded so it has to be Nvidia based.

Heres how it goes:

Even though nvidia drivers won’t show any SLI options in the games profiles , you can use nhancer to change SLI settings.

How it goes:

  • Disable SLI and install the third card for your second monitor
  • Disable the third card in device manager
  • Enable SLI (You should restart pc after this step)
  • Enable the third card in device manager

If you experience crashing when accessing the NVIDIA control panel after enabling SLI then enabling the 3rd card, you will need to use nhancer instead to change your video card settings.


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  1. Dragon on November 21st, 2008 12:27 pm

    Already available NVidia video driver 180.48 that support SLI with multi monitors:

  2. Grizz on November 21st, 2008 2:05 pm

    Thank you very much for the heads up, I will review this new feature and update or replace this post.

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