Reader Philip writes: I have a project studio where I run a 3-monitor setup where I work off of two of the displays for recording and the 3rd one is extended into a vocal booth so vocalists can read lyrics or watch one of the mixer windows. The problem is, that when in a program […]

Harun asks: “I would like to run up to 10 monitors on one screen, is this possible, and if not what is the maximum i can run?” 10 is the maximum for Windows XP and Vista.  This is due to a limitation in “Display Properties”.  I have not tested it myself, but I have herd […]

It happens all the time. You change your multi-monitor configuration in some way and now there is a window unreachable off the side of the screen. Way out in right field your Skype buddy list is napping, or even your web browser. This is because applications try to be intelligent and remember their last location […]

If you are trying to get Aero working in Windows Vista then I recommend you make sure you first meet all the Requirements for Aero. If your pretty sure you do then you may like to know that in short you can only use video cards that share the same driver. Mix and matching video […]