While out in San Jose for my main job (aka the job that makes money) I found out that I was merely 4 miles away from a long lost New England college buddy who was attending the NVIDIA’s NVISION Conference and GeForce LAN.  So I quickly skipped out for a couple hours so this New […]

I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and here it goes. I was wrong.  When NVIDIA aquired Ageia and their PhysX last Feburary I was pretty confident we were going to see NVIDIA pushing that I not only need to buy 3 of their GPU’s, but I will also need to buy a NVIDIA Physics card too!  […]

The newest version of Surround Gaming Utility (SGU) by Matrox for the TripleHead2Go just got a little better by adding 2 new resalutions, triple 1440×900 and triple 1680×1050. Not very common sizes, Im sure someone out there is happy they did. So hurry on over and grab the download, and try not to be offended […]

Shortly after finishing Crysis across three screens, I promptly got to work on Oblivion. Oblivion was not difficult to use SoftTH v1.07b to span 3 screens, no configuration changes were needed, although I prefer changing the side monitors to run in 32bit rather than 16bit. This can be done with the following setting  secondaryFormat=RGB32 Bonus: […]

 Our Multi-Monitor Gaming savior, kegetys, has released a early preview of the latest instillation of SoftTH.  Adding more compatability, speed improvements, and better automatic support for varying aspect ratios across your side monitor (Yay!) this is sounding like it could be his best release to date!

Digg This! Deciding to revisit Crysis on triple screens was an easy choice that I am running Vista64 and the game has seen a couple patches.  Sadly SoftTH still does not support DX10 or 64bit versions of games…yet.  But my time was not wasted, because I have warmed up my writing skills in order to […]

  Kegen “kegetys” kotisivu has just published the latest installment of SoftTH, that monitor spanning DX9 hack we all know and love. * 1.07beta – Autodetection for various settings such as secondary resolution, device ID, etc. (default) – Support for D3D9 swap chains (for Call of Duty 2, Company of Heroes…) – Persistent win32api hooks […]

Crysis on 3 Screens

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Running Crysis with SoftTH was a piece of cake. No special configuration, just past the files to the root of Crysis, set the resolution and go. While tweaking the setting I found one nVidia 8800GTS can run fairly smooth at medium quality and 1024×3840 resolution. I purposefully did not focus on scripted scenes to minimize […]

To sum it up it looks to be a multiple DLP display enclosed in a case. But it gets the job done, and so far looks to be the closest anyone has come to a consumer Multi-Projector display. To see more shots, head on over to Engadget.

Don’t ask me how I missed this one, but it looks like the EA Crysis booth at some gaming convention used a 360 degree, multi-projector, screen to advertise their upcoming game. It looks really cool, for a canned looping video. I would be pritty sweet if it was life gameplay, but I guess thats asking […]

If you meet the following situation: You run windows Vista You link 2 or more video cards (SLI or CrossFire) You use DirectX 10 applications Then you need the following Official Microsoft Patch to enable SLI or CrossFire. Come to find out your second video card was just collecting dust without it.  This patch is […]

I know you must be thinking whats with all the posts about SoftTH all of a sudden? Well I am beating up the software for a new tutorial and have had it in my sights. You can grab the latest version here. * 1.06beta changelog – Fixed crash when no depth buffer requested by application […]

If you read my first post on SoftTH, you might be happy to know that the author has opened up a discussion forum. This will be great for those of you looking for help, or looking to add support for a special game. Check out the forum here. Here is a video I made that […]

Saitek showed up at E3 this year with cute accessory monitors in tow aimed at their continuing commitment towards Flight Sim’s. These displays mimic the ones found in real cockpits, and heres the best part, they should only cost $99.99 coming this fall. Thanks to IGN for spotting this tidbit.

FiringSquad has a nice video card review for anyone who cannot decide on whether they want to go with two GeForce 8800GTS’s running in SLI or a single 8800GTX. At my preferred resolution of 1920×1200 their benchmarks show the following FPS: Call of Duty 2 GTX:56 2xGTS: 67.2 Half Life 2 Lost CoastGTX: 88.8 2xGTS: […]

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