I think the headline about covers it. Is it a USB video card? Is it a monitor dongle? A little of both I guess. One things for sure for about 10,000yen you can have your very own I-O Data “USB-RGB”! Reports claim its CPU intensive, which is logical, but have no data to back it […]

  If your looking for the end-all review of the  Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition from a no B.S. site thats not afraid to fail a product then look no further. Brent Justice over at my favorite hardware site www.hardocp.com just posted their take on it.  For the product to get this high of a reward […]

Reviews of the newly released Digital (read DVI) versions of the DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go are popping up. Sadly some of these sites have probibly never seen the product judging by the textbook paragraphs (from the manual) and stock images. I mean the Latitude D810 is soo’ 2005. Stick to reviews from more reputable sites sutch […]

“Engineers at UC San Diego have constructed the highest-resolution computer display in the world – with a screen resolution up to 220 million pixels.” …for research including Earth sciences, climate prediction, biomedical engineering, genomics, brain imaging, and a little bragging rights for attracting bright freshmen. It consist of 55 (11×5) Dell 30 LCDs, powered by […]

Saitek showed up at E3 this year with cute accessory monitors in tow aimed at their continuing commitment towards Flight Sim’s. These displays mimic the ones found in real cockpits, and heres the best part, they should only cost $99.99 coming this fall. Thanks to IGN for spotting this tidbit.

EverythingUSB.Com wrote a good review about a USB monitor that you would more likely be able to purchase sometime in the future. The Samsung 940UX, it still has no posted MSRP but if I had to guess, I would say it costs 300-400$ until USB monitors become more mainstream. You can only daisy-chain up to […]

  This nice ghetto rig was brought to you by a laptop with S-Video out going to a portable DVD player, as well as a PDA with Innobec SideWindow.

USB Monitors FTW

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I think I am in love. SmartSquare together with AMOSLab sent a couple guys over to a huge communications expo called CommunicAsia to show off their newest product offerings. A USB monitor called Ukeymo. Designed to simplify, and reduce costs associated with adding multiple monitors. Right now their smaller screens with resalutions up to 1024×768 […]

Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town and Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37″ 1080p display is his name. My brothers over at the [H]ardOCP Forums have been raving about this inexpensive HD display as an inexpensive large monitor for quite some time. 37 inches, with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, fast response time, and […]

Today’s Rig is brought to you from the guys at QJ.Net Gadget News Looks like thy have a friend who shares our passion of desktop real estate. Check out the 3rd photo for his Apple Cinema Displays that make up his desk. We didn’t believe it at first. But when we got to his house, […]

Hybrid SLI from nVidia

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X-Bit labs is reporting that nVidia is prepping to release a “Hybrid SLI” setup to save power. According to the story, it will allow the system to intelligently switch from powerful GPU’s when doing serious rendering work, then when just casually surfing the web and sutch it will switch over to a on board GPU […]

FiringSquad has a nice video card review for anyone who cannot decide on whether they want to go with two GeForce 8800GTS’s running in SLI or a single 8800GTX. At my preferred resolution of 1920×1200 their benchmarks show the following FPS: Call of Duty 2 GTX:56 2xGTS: 67.2 Half Life 2 Lost CoastGTX: 88.8 2xGTS: […]

This is the rig that really expanded my mind from “Dual-Monitor” to “Multi-Monitor” back before I even had my own first Dual-Monitor Rig. Steve Ferris, knowing no limits back in March of 2002 unveiled to the gaming community something that would never be forgotten. Using 9 PC’s running Windows 98SE, 13 Monitors, Flight Simulator 2002, […]

Late last month Matrox started shipping the Digital (Read DVI) versions of their TripleHead2Go product. Normally I’m not a fan of a product that simply spans one image across multiple displays, productivity better gained with multiple separate desktops, but the effect of a larger monitor cannot be ignored. But the Digital version of this product […]

My friend over at DNDNerd.com stumbled across a really cool new use for digital projectors. By projecting maps downward onto a table, tabletop gamers are able to blend technology with old school gaming for interactive maps that can preform a plethora of new ability’s over using large sheets of paper. Hiding traps, treasure, and other […]

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