Close to home, Logan Airport, is doing something close to my heart by mimicking a control tower for training new controllers and workers.  In addition to what looks like 7+ rear projected monitors making up the video wall, the interactive simulation has voice recognition so spoken radio commands are translated to moving virtual airplanes for […]

  I have been a fan of gaming cockpits almost as long as I have loved Multiple Monitors.  The VRX Mach4 is my idea of a well designed cockpit and best of all they are available for purchase right now. Featuring 3x 1080p 37″ LCD’s and a 7″ rear view LCD you got all your […]

“Engineers at UC San Diego have constructed the highest-resolution computer display in the world – with a screen resolution up to 220 million pixels.” …for research including Earth sciences, climate prediction, biomedical engineering, genomics, brain imaging, and a little bragging rights for attracting bright freshmen. It consist of 55 (11×5) Dell 30 LCDs, powered by […]

  This nice ghetto rig was brought to you by a laptop with S-Video out going to a portable DVD player, as well as a PDA with Innobec SideWindow.

Today’s Rig is brought to you from the guys at QJ.Net Gadget News Looks like thy have a friend who shares our passion of desktop real estate. Check out the 3rd photo for his Apple Cinema Displays that make up his desk. We didn’t believe it at first. But when we got to his house, […]

This is the rig that really expanded my mind from “Dual-Monitor” to “Multi-Monitor” back before I even had my own first Dual-Monitor Rig. Steve Ferris, knowing no limits back in March of 2002 unveiled to the gaming community something that would never be forgotten. Using 9 PC’s running Windows 98SE, 13 Monitors, Flight Simulator 2002, […]

I had to start”Rigs” off with a bang, so I bring you this mammoth: The guys over at the forums don’t F. around! This sexy 3×8 LCD setup appears to be running multiple instances of the same app, but each display is watching a unique stock. If you recognize this rig and have any […]