While out in San Jose for my main job (aka the job that makes money) I found out that I was merely 4 miles away from a long lost New England college buddy who was attending the NVIDIA’s NVISION Conference and GeForce LAN.  So I quickly skipped out for a couple hours so this New […]

I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and here it goes. I was wrong.  When NVIDIA aquired Ageia and their PhysX last Feburary I was pretty confident we were going to see NVIDIA pushing that I not only need to buy 3 of their GPU’s, but I will also need to buy a NVIDIA Physics card too!  […]

 Our Multi-Monitor Gaming savior, kegetys, has released a early preview of the latest instillation of SoftTH.  Adding more compatability, speed improvements, and better automatic support for varying aspect ratios across your side monitor (Yay!) this is sounding like it could be his best release to date!

Close to home, Logan Airport, is doing something close to my heart by mimicking a control tower for training new controllers and workers.  In addition to what looks like 7+ rear projected monitors making up the video wall, the interactive simulation has voice recognition so spoken radio commands are translated to moving virtual airplanes for […]

Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) just came out last week and on their list of improvements is the ability to span high resolutions on the client computer across multiple monitors on your PC. Monitor spanning Remote Desktop Connection supports high-resolution displays that can be spanned across multiple monitors. However, the total resolution on […]

Todays Dilbert comic has to be one of my favorites so far. Edit: United Media wants $160 to give me the right to copy their comic here, instead Ill just link to it. Thanks Nick for sending this one my way!

Dell is having a webcast/onlineExpo/Virtural Sales Presentation Oct 25th.  Call it what you will but one of the topics caught my eye.  “See more, do more with flat panels, widescreen, and multiple monitors”, it might have some usefull info for businesses trying to switch to Multiple Monitors across the enterprise, but most likely it will just […]

WXPNews (or WinXP News) just wrote a follow up to a well written piece about the benefits to multiple monitors over a single large monitor. Jeff F. adds: “Multiple monitors help me keep things “separate” and I believe much easier to work with than one large wide aspect screen. In fact, I don’t care for […]