E-Mail notifications are up and running, Feel free to sign up using the menu bar, or the form below. EDIT: We are aware of issues with the e-mail notification and images sometimes not displaying when using IE7. We are working on the issue. E-Mail notifications are back up using a diffrent service.

The site was down momentarily tonight for its first update. I also took the liberty to apply a new (more complete) theme. As much as we all loved the Vista theme there was no hiding its major drawbacks, missing components, and leftover art from whatever theme it was hacked out of… The new theme, Surprising […]

Welcome To MultiMonitor.Net’s new home. During our ramp-up process we will be adding all new features in response to our readers comments on our old home. We may experience some downtime during the growing process. For those of you new to MultiMonitor.Net MultiMonitor.net is about expanding your view of technology. Expanding your view is so […]