A few members over at the SoftTH Forums figured out how to get SoftTH v.108b properly working with TF2. Seems the magic sauce was to put the relevant files in these locations: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\XXUSERNAMEXX\team fortress 2\ SoftTH.cfg SoftTH_hook.dll C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\XXUSERNAMEXX\team fortress 2\bin\ d3d8.dll d3d9.dll Click Here to watch in HD! Download The Music! Warning the […]

With NVIDIA’s gracious new fall driver I decided I cannot go any further without SLI. Before the driver update, enabling SLI would disable all of the video interfaces on your SLI cards spare one.  After the update the remaining interfaces on the master SLI card have been re-enabled.  This is great if you want to […]

Shortly after finishing Crysis across three screens, I promptly got to work on Oblivion. Oblivion was not difficult to use SoftTH v1.07b to span 3 screens, no configuration changes were needed, although I prefer changing the side monitors to run in 32bit rather than 16bit. This can be done with the following setting  secondaryFormat=RGB32 Bonus: […]

Digg This! Deciding to revisit Crysis on triple screens was an easy choice that I am running Vista64 and the game has seen a couple patches.  Sadly SoftTH still does not support DX10 or 64bit versions of games…yet.  But my time was not wasted, because I have warmed up my writing skills in order to […]

Happy Halloween to all our U.S. readers! I am currently celebrating with a cool drink somewhere in the Caribbean on my much needed vacation, but that wont stop me from bringing you more great information. Presenter View is a severely under used feature of PowerPoint 2007, and can improve presentations for even the most experienced […]

If you find yourself flipping between your Outlook Calendar and E-mails a lot, you can open both at the same time. Just right click the lower left icon you want to open, such as Calendar in this photo, and open it in another monitor.

[H]ardOCP.com has the scoop of a beautifully done monitor mod.  Shadowlord, well known on the HardForum’s for his handywork in PC Modding, completed a well photographed complete benzel and base replacement.  Jump on over, it looks pretty doable for the average joe.

Day 1 – Today I decided to really thoroughly test synergy, and the best way to find out if you really love or hate something is to use it on your personal PC every day, for better or worse I am going along for this ride. My main PC has dual screens, and I would […]

No matter what you do for work, when there is time in front of a PC involved, there are benefits to a multi-monitor setup. Being able to expand your workspace across two screens could give you a dedicated E-Mail monitor for at-a-glance e-mail checking (like myself), or you may need to expand a linear video […]

It happens all the time. You change your multi-monitor configuration in some way and now there is a window unreachable off the side of the screen. Way out in right field your Skype buddy list is napping, or even your web browser. This is because applications try to be intelligent and remember their last location […]

Part 1 – Basic Usage I took some time out of my busy schedule to take the latest version of Synergy for a spin and I was pleasantly surprised that free software could get this good, but it is still not perfect. Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers […]