Microsoft’s TechNet Magazine is promoting Windows 7 with daily tips for this month. I found today’s tip particularly interesting with native Multimonitor hotkeys built right into Windows 7! Win+Home: Clear all but the active window Win+Space: All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window Win+Down […]

Technolust is a powerful advertising tool, it seems Lenovo knows it well with this new humorous advertisement. Toss in a gaming class video card and it would give Dell’s XPS a run for its money.

User “Uarepoo2” got the ball rolling with a post on the SoftTH forums that they managed to get SoftTH working with CS:S. For steps to get triple screen hotness yourself go to

Looks like laptop manufacturers are starting to take the hint that more screen real estate is a good thing, and multiple monitors it the way to go. On Lenovo’s W700ds the screens are 17″ WUXGA & 10.6″ WXGA TFT which is good for messaging or other frequently used apps, but 10″ is a bit small […]

Nvidia added a particularly useful feature to their Release 180 driver, SLI Multi-Monitor Support. Download the NVIDIA® GeForce® Release 180 driver to enable NVIDIA® SLI® Multi-monitor support, giving you the ability to use two monitors with your GeForce® graphics cards in SLI mode. Now you can easily switch between multi-monitor desktop mode and full screen […]

Update: Thanks to Dragon’s tip we are currently undergoing testing of Nvidia’s newest driver. The short answer is you can’t.  But for a dedicated enthusiast it is possible… When you enable SLI it disables all but one video port (on the SLI bridged cards).  This is fact.  But there is a way around this limitation […]

A group of good hearted gamers have gotten together to raise money for Child’s Play by doing what they love best, a Rock Band Marathon! Welcome to M-Town L33T’s Rock Band Marathon for Child’s Play Charity. We plan on playing straight from August 1st to the 3rd. Child’s play is a charity that provides children […]

It was a fun ride.  I was planning on switching all my video uploads to you for your high quality HD compression.  You pushed streaming video further than Youtube or Apple could have with on-demand HD streaming in faster than anyone else. You will be missed.  2006 – Feb 28th, 2008