Adacel Flight Controller Simulator

Close to home, Logan Airport, is doing something close to my heart by mimicking a control tower for training new controllers and workers.  In addition to what looks like 7+ rear projected monitors making up the video wall, the interactive simulation has voice recognition so spoken radio commands are translated to moving virtual airplanes for a native feel.

The system, designed by Adacel Systems Inc., will be deployed to 19 locations across North America as part of a $48 million dollar contract.  Logan will begin their instillation this fall.

I can see all the Microsoft Flight Simulator fans wanting a piece of this action, so I don’t know any other way to let  you down easier than saying it would probably cost you $2.5mil ($48mil / 19 locations) unless you do it yourself.

via. Boston.Com

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Deciding to revisit Crysis on triple screens was an easy choice that I am running Vista64 and the game has seen a couple patches.  Sadly SoftTH still does not support DX10 or 64bit versions of games…yet.  But my time was not wasted, because I have warmed up my writing skills in order to get back to writing fun posts.

Click more for complete step by step instructions.

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A group of good hearted gamers have gotten together to raise money for Child’s Play by doing what they love best, a Rock Band Marathon!

Welcome to M-Town L33T’s Rock Band Marathon for Child’s Play Charity. We plan on playing straight from August 1st to the 3rd.

Child’s play is a charity that provides children in hospitals with toys, games , and books.
Feel free to head on over to chat with them and make sure you drop a couple bucks in the bucket for the children!

 VRX Mach4 full

I have been a fan of gaming cockpits almost as long as I have loved Multiple Monitors.  The VRX Mach4 is my idea of a well designed cockpit and best of all they are available for purchase right now.

Featuring 3x 1080p 37″ LCD’s and a 7″ rear view LCD you got all your blind spots covered. Right down to the “Virtual Wind System powered by 2 dual Honeywell fans”

Too bad you have to have one Xbox pet TV and very few games support it.

VRX Mach4 Detail


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It was a fun ride.  I was planning on switching all my video uploads to you for your high quality HD compression.  You pushed streaming video further than Youtube or Apple could have with on-demand HD streaming in faster than anyone else.

You will be missed.  2006 – Feb 28th, 2008

Quad CrossFireX

According to a report over at Engadget, ATI is getting ready to roll out new CrossFire X drivers that will enable you to CrossFire diffrent ATI GPU’s.  Examples of RV670- and R680 were given.  This is good news for those who piece together their Multi-GPU systems as the technology gets old and show up for sale used.

Wake me when you can enable multiple GPU’s and Multiple Monitors.

 SoftTH photo

Kegen “kegetys” kotisivu has just published the latest installment of SoftTH, that monitor spanning DX9 hack we all know and love.

* 1.07beta
– Autodetection for various settings such as secondary
resolution, device ID, etc. (default)
– Support for D3D9 swap chains (for Call of Duty 2,
Company of Heroes…)
– Persistent win32api hooks for more reliable hooking
– Uses debug access to write memory if regular access
fails (requires admin/debug privileges from user)
– Some default settings adjusted for better compatibility
– Improved device release detection & handling
– Mouse compatibility fixes
– Config file settings separated for OpenGL & Direct3D
– Global config file support in user home directory
– Autosquash option for automatic squashing when no 3D
elements drawn
– Forced multihead use (useMultihead=2) for games that
do not immediately initialize the device with the
triplehead resolution (Such as Test Drive Unlimited)
– Misc fixes & improvements

Thank you kegety’s, I cant wait to give CoD a shot!

You can download the application and find support here.

SyncMaster 2263DX

Samsung has just announced the SyncMaster 2263DX a 22-inch LCD monitor that features an additional 7-inch monitor
connected to the display. The 7-incher’ is a USB display, and is designed to meet the needs of people who want an additional display without the costs or deskspace of a full sized additional monitor.

Personally, they are moving in the right direction, but a screen that small should be positioned above, not to the side. That way I can add 2 more SyncMaster 2263DX’s on both sides! You see where I’m going here?

Edit: It looks like Samsung was not cutting corners with this monitor, the arm that extends the secondary display can be repositioned to above.  Thanks Betty.

EVGA’s first Monitor

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NOT JUST TWO LCD SCREENS MOUNTED ON THE SAME STANDBrea, California and Munich, Germany – January 7, 2008 — EVGA Corporation, a trendsetting graphics card and motherboards manufacturer announced today the release of Interviewâ„¢ Dual-Monitor System, a brand new concept in dual-monitor display with two rotating wide-screen LCD screens.

EVGA Interviewâ„¢ Dual-Monitor System offers two 17″ wide-screen WXGA LCD screens and can receive input signals from dual DVI Digital or dual VGA Analog sources. Two LCD screen panels can also open and close horizontally.

EVGA Interviewâ„¢ also features an integrated 1.3-megapixel webcam, a microphone, a headset output, USB 2.0 ports and two stereo speakers.

EVGA Interviewâ„¢ comes with a 3-year limited warranty and is available through leading resellers.

More information can be found at

EVGA Interview

Each panel can be flipped around 180 degrees and will automatically flip the image, so you can be working on a document and showing someone else either the same screen or a different desktop. EVGA expects the InterView to debut in March at a price point of around $750.

EVGA also demonstrated some USB video adapters. EVGA UV Plus+


Crysis on 3 Screens

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Running Crysis with SoftTH was a piece of cake. No special configuration, just past the files to the root of Crysis, set the resolution and go. While tweaking the setting I found one nVidia 8800GTS can run fairly smooth at medium quality and 1024×3840 resolution.

I purposefully did not focus on scripted scenes to minimize the spoilers.

Should you accidentally set Crysis to an unsupported resolution and can no longer enter the game to change it, you will need to follow the steps below to reset it.

Make an “autoexec.cfg” file in your Crysis root directory and put the following in it:
r_Width 1368
r_Height 780

And a extra special thanks to for making Crysis rock out at “Very High” settings without needing Vista!

3 way SLI

Toms hardware has a couple sexy photos but nothing new along the lines of performance.

Nvidia took the opportunity to show of its new three-way SLI technology at CES 2008 this week. While packing three GPUs into a single desktop PC may seem excessive, think again. Nvidia was running Crysis on a custom Q6600 quad core system with three 8800 GTXs running at a full resolution of 1920 x 1080. And if that wasn’t enough, the game’s settings were all cranked to very high.

Curved display

To sum it up it looks to be a multiple DLP display enclosed in a case. But it gets the job done, and so far looks to be the closest anyone has come to a consumer Multi-Projector display.

To see more shots, head on over to Engadget.

This is an early version of the fix, and Microsoft recommends non-advanced users to wait for SP1 when it will be probibly tuned.

In some scenarios, games and benchmarks perform more poorly than expected on a Windows Vista-based computer. This issue occurs when the games and the benchmarks use multiple display adapters in a Linked Display Adapter (LDA) configuration.

You can get it here.

 Mersive Hummer

Gizmodo interviewed Mersive and got some sweet footage of their 360 degree Hummer Simulator in action, check the link for more videos.

We haven’t played any games (yet!) in the domes you saw in the videos. We have however played Quake on large, multi-projector, multi-wall environments. Because the source code is available for Quake it is possible to put the “hooks” into it to use our display technology. Coordination would be needed with the developers of other PC-based games or consoles such as Playstation or Xbox in order to get them running on these displays.

Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) just came out last week and on their list of improvements is the ability to span high resolutions on the client computer across multiple monitors on your PC.

Monitor spanning
Remote Desktop Connection supports high-resolution displays that can be spanned across multiple monitors. However, the total resolution on all monitors must be under 4096 x 2048 pixels. The monitors must have the same resolution. Additionally, the monitors must be aligned side-by-side.

To have the desktop of the remote computer span multiple monitors, type Mstsc /span at a command prompt.

Not exactally riveting news, but every little bit counts right?

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